The Conceptual Backdrop

All art forms in India have been aimed at providing an ‘Experience’ to the human mind. This has been termed as ‘Anubhava’. Music, which has always been regarded as the finest of fine arts, brings about a higher, deeper and subtler inexplicable experience or sensation to the performer (sadhaka) as well as the listener (rasika), which can be called as ‘Anubhooti’. With an object of organising concerts of true artists of Carnatic Music, providing a platform for budding and promising youngsters and also conducting music workshops and lecdems by reputed Carnatic musicians, Anubhooti was launched on 4th November 2012 as a chamber music concert venue at Vyalikaval, Bengaluru. Originally an informal venture initiated by the musician couple Vid. Arjun Kumar and Vid. Vrinda Acharya, Anubhooti soon become a medium of providing the real experience of Carnatic Music to rasikas. It successfully conducted twelve concerts, three music workshops and four annual Carnatic music competitions. The activities of Anubhooti have attracted the appreciation of many stalwarts in the field of music, and also rave reviews and extensive coverage by the media.

The main principles guiding this venture were:

  • To organise concerts of real artists of Carnatic Music, irrespective of whether they have a star value or not; and to promote good artists who are less popular.
  • To provide a platform for full-fledged 3-hour Carnatic concerts in all its past grandeur and to enable the listeners to have the unique experience of traditional and chaste Carnatic music in close quarters.
  • To attractively present aesthetic Carnatic Music to the modern generation with a view to expose them to the ethos behind it.


With a view to expand to broader domains pertaining to Indian culture and Vedic heritage (of which Carnatic music is an inseparable part) and also to boost its resources to conduct concerts and other activities more frequently and on a bigger scale, Anubhooti was registered as charitable trust on 20th Nov 2019. The key objectives of the trust are:

  • To promote and propagate Indian classical art forms like Carnatic Music, Bharatanatyam, Harikatha, Sampradaya Bhajan, Musical discourse, etc. by conducting concerts/programs.
  • To conduct conferences, lectures, study circles, workshops, etc, in the field of traditional Indian arts and culture.
  • To collaborate with other organisations having similar objectives on projects related to Indian arts, Vedic heritage and culture.
  • To provide scholarships, fellowships, grants and financial assistance to scholars/practitioners/artists/artisans.
  • To conduct competitions in Indian arts to encourage children and youth.
  • To encourage and fund research and academic studies in areas related to Indian arts, civilisation, history, culture, traditional knowledge systems, etc.
  • To produce audio/video albums and publish books related to Indian arts, history, culture, traditional knowledge systems, etc.
  • To provide education and training in the field of Indian classical music and dance.


  • Sārasvata – a special video series of great legends in Indian arts, literature and sciences
  • Sameeksha – a series of conversations with artists, scholars and experts sharing their rich experiences, views and perspectives
  • Pratibhā – video promotions of promising talents in Carnatic Music, Vedic knowledge and Bharatanatyam
  • Namasankeertanam – Sampradaya Bhajan sessions in the homes of bhaktas and rasikas
  • Webinar courses in Sanskrit, Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam

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